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Holloway's Isshin-Ryu Karate School

Master teaching of traditional Isshin-Ryu karate

Holloway’s Isshin Ryu Karate School has been serving the community since 1981 and is committed to excellence in karate. Our school is dedicated to teaching traditional Isshin-Ryu karate as passed down from its founder, Shimabuku Tatsuo.

Our classes are structured for calisthenics, basic review, self-defense, and free fighting.

If you’re considering studying with us, more information is available on our Classes and Instructors pages. If you have questions about anything you read, or just want to find out more about us, please contact us.

If you're interested in checking out our classes before you sign up, you're welcome to observe. You can even try one week for free.

Holloway’s Isshin-Ryu Karate School offers classes for ages five and up. We emphasize traditional instruction in Isshin-Ryu basic exercises, kata (forms), bunkai (applications of kata to self-defense) and sparring. Kids are taught tumbling as well.

Class Pricing


We are accepting Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  A fee will be accessed for using credit cards as payment.


$75 per month for the basic program: your choice of any two classes per week.  Special/private classes may be scheduled with Sensei.

Per Month: $75


$75 per month for the basic program: any two classes per week. If you’re interested in more than two, contact Sensei about other programs.

Per Month: $75

What Our Students Are Saying

Isshin-Ryu Karate School
I highly recommend people to go to this dojo with sensei holloway. I myself have trained with sensei george phifer and the late sensei moshier keep up the good work sensei holloway.
Mario L.
Self Defense Classes
As close to perfect Isshin-ryu as possible! (imho). I broke two patio bricks my first class (1 brick, 2 times). I feel what I learned is very, very effective in any street fight. Isshin-ryu is my favorite striking style. Sensei Holloway is a very dedicated teacher, as are all the black belts. Money well spent here!
J Holden
Karate School
Our VERY active son loves his twice weekly sessions at this great karate dojo! We love having him invested here.
M Gill
Isshin-Ryu Karate Training
I have been here since I was a baby. This school is a great learning environment and is always supportive. Everyone in there is so caring and loving and this place is my second home and family.
Emma F.
Karate Lessons
I absolutely would recommend this Dojo to anyone! My three children have been students here for many years and the professionalism, kindness, respect and genuine care and concern Dan and all the instructors have for all of the students is truly awesome and appreciated! If are looking for an environment that is welcoming and supportive where you can learn true technique this is it!
Kristen C.W.
Isshin-Ryu Karate School
We love being a part of such a wonderful dojo family. Outstanding people that really care about and support each other's growth, character, and self-confidence and respect. Sensei Holloway teaches students of all ages, and engages everyone on their own level and ability. Whether it be an adult or a kids class, he has their full attention because he is a very dynamic instructor and really cares about people.
Chris D.