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Holloway's Policies


  • All NEW students will be required to pay for the first two months of class up front. After those two months, payment will be due on the first Monday of each month.
  • A late fee of $10 will be charged if you pay after the second Monday of the month.
  • Students who attend one or more classes in a month must pay for the full month.  Make-up classes or special assessments are made on an individual basis.
  • Checks and cash are accepted forms of payment. Checks may be made out to either “Dan Holloway” or “Holloway’s Isshin Ryu”.
  • We now accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  There will be a surcharge fixed to the payment when using credit/debit cards.


  • No student will be allowed to participate until a “hold harmless” form is on file.  One trial class is offered to new students.
  • If you’re going to miss class, we ask that you call or text in advance. If you miss two consecutive classes without letting us know, you may lose your spot to the next person on the waiting list.
  • One attendance per month constitutes an enrolled student.


  • Students whose accounts are not paid up will not be eligible for promotion.
  • All students must have a uniform and school patch to be eligible for promotion.
  • If you are receiving a new belt color, a $10 belt fee is due at least one week prior to promotion.
  • Only instructors can nominate students for promotions.  It is rude to ask for a promotion, but acceptable to inquire about the requirements and current standing.


  • Due to large class sizes, floor space is limited.  Visitors are not allowed on the blue mat or in the back room during class. The only exception to this rule is for access to the bathroom.
  • No eating or drinking on the blue mat.
  • Holloway’s Isshin-Ryu is a peanut-free school.
  • No personal items except those of staff are allowed on the desk.
  • Please keep your bags and personal items off seating surfaces. Tuck them under the benches, or put them on the shelves in the back room.
  • We provide gear-sales as a convenience; we will size you the best we can but custom fit-up is your responsibility.  You may try on equipment, but it must be repackaged and appropriate for resale.

Class Pricing


We are accepting Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.  A fee will be accessed for using credit cards as payment.


$75 per month for the basic program: your choice of any two classes per week.  Special/private classes may be scheduled with Sensei.

Per Month: $75


$75 per month for the basic program: any two classes per week. If you’re interested in more than two, contact Sensei about other programs.

Per Month: $75

Please read our Policies page for more information on payment, attendance, and promotions.

Closings: If Waterford schools are closed for inclement weather, the karate school will also be closed. The schools’ status is published on their web site. Contact us if you’re still not sure if we’ll be open.